Digital Evolution has come with these big changes in the Advertising world. Today you can create your own campaigns, promoting your product on your website on your own, without using big advertising networks. 

Publish campaigns on your website, choose your Ad Format, targeting, track your Cost and Revenue. Having your own Ad Server gives you unlimited possibilities in the ad’s world. Signup for some of our Ad server packages and become the owner of your advertising. 

Our Pricing Plans

Create, Manage and Track all Campaigns on your own product or website.
Be the boss of your own ads.

All plans include:

  • Add, Edit and Deactivate Campaigns
  • Campaign Priority settings
  • Campaign Aggressive Type settings
  • User Stats real time
  • Geo, City, Browser, Keywords Targeting
  • Video Ads
  • 12 Ads Formats
  • Desktop / Web mobile

All Browser supported, all Devices
Desktop / Tablet / Mobile